X4Impact presents 2,000 technological solutions serving the US non-profit market

EDMONDS, Wash., December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – X4Impact, The market intelligence platform for social innovation, announced its milestone bringing together more than 2,000 companies that provide technology solutions to organizations that focus on social missions ranging from climate change to gender equality. Over the past year, X4Impact has created the largest repository of social impact technology solutions, as well as a data and intelligence platform for the 3 trillion dollars nonprofit marketplace in the United States.

X4Impact solutions include specially designed products and services with measurable results addressing one or more impact areas spanning the gamut from animal welfare to youth development. “X4Impact’s repository of data intelligence technology solutions, tools and services demonstrates that passion and purpose can be applied to solving real-world problems through digital innovation,” said Shelly kurtz, co-founder & CMO. “This is a key asset in the nascent field of public benefit technology, which we hope will inspire more entrepreneurs to build the next big business with a return on investment and a return on social impact at equal parts. “

With the support of leading foundations such as Ford, Hewlett and Rockefeller, as well as Microsoft and Giving Tech Labs, X4Impact has created the largest repository of Tech for Social Impact solutions, while creating the technology to categorize, update and Organized by United United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, over 500 million data points that power tools, reports and third-party software applications that help social innovators find their market with advanced information and segmentation.

X4Impact allows users to discover products and services by impact area, UN Sustainable Development Goal or badge icons indicating various leaders and special designations such as a 501 (c) 3 organization or certified technology for the solution of public interest.

Selected technological solutions are showcased in organized collections such as Mental health solutions and Women-led solutions, highlighting technology where at least one member of the C-suite is female.

X4Impact offers private equity investors and philanthropic funders a unique way to research business flows. Solutions can be sorted by “for profit” and “not for profit” to match users’ investment criteria.

Often referred to as the “Gartner for Social Impact,” X4Impact offers special industry reports and landscape analysis to inform go-to-market decisions, partnership opportunities and customer outreach. The latest offering is a market snapshot with exclusive information and a downloadable infographic from the U.S. Nonprofit Market and Technology Landscape for Roaming and Housing. This information is used as benchmarks to inform organizational strategy, board discussions, research, advocacy, and public policy awareness initiatives.

For all current X4Impact research and reports, select “Research and toolsin the top navigation menu on x4i.org. Many of these tools are free or heavily subsidized by philanthropic partners.

X4Impact also offers custom data licenses, special reports, and consulting services for nonprofits, social enterprises, and funders.

About X4Impact

X4Impact is an online market intelligence platform for social innovation with ideas for creating and evolving technology for the public interest. In less than a year, X4Impact has grown into the largest online marketplace for Tech for Good Solutions and the leading intelligence platform for the nonprofit sector in the United States. It aims to become the “Gartner for Social Impact,” providing data and information to raise awareness of areas of opportunity and the social landscape in the United States. Our technology processes billions of social impact data points to help nonprofits, social innovators, universities and investors build the social impact organizations of tomorrow. To find out more, visit x4i.org.

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