Warzone pro HusKerrs almost misses a major tournament for some weird reason

Popular streamers are known to have separate rooms to work in so they can soundproof it and not disturb the neighbors.

Things can get extremely noisy in the heat of the moment and you certainly don’t want a noise complaint to kill the vibrations of a gaming session.

However, it’s impossible to stream and play while locked out of your room, and HusKerrs faced this exact problem just hours before a Warzone tournament.

HusKerrs pays to play Warzone tournament

On March 26, HusKerrs was preparing to upload his stream and warm up for a Rebirth Island tournament. But, things went south for the streamer when his door wouldn’t open.

The World Series of Warzone champion informed his fans on Twitter that the keypad on his office door had broken randomly and he didn’t have a key to open it.

So, like any other normal person would, he called in a professional to try and pick the lock. However, due to its structure, the lock was not pickable and had to be destroyed. And to make matters worse for Husk, it wasn’t going to be free.

He revealed that it would cost $250 to remove it. and when HusKerrs finally went live on Twitch, he told his chat he felt like he got scammed. “He [the locksmith] was ripping me off 100%, $250 for 7 minutes of drilling a lock.

HusKerrs said he only did so because he was pressed for time and needed to get in quickly for the tournament. So in the end, it turned out to be an expensive “entrance fee” to play, as he had no other way to access his PC and enter the Warzone event.

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