Three simple tips to follow if you’ve lost your car keys – they could save your engine from getting nicked

A HOME security expert has revealed her top tips for Britons who have lost their car keys.

Locksmith Elizabeth Johns said drivers are quickly getting a new key cut so they can unlock their car and turn their key in the ignition.


As the rate of keyless car theft continues to skyrocket, owners have been warned to protect their valuable vehicles from scammersCredit: Getty
Home security expert Elizabeth Johns has warned Britons against keyless car theft


Home security expert Elizabeth Johns has warned Britons against keyless car theftCredit: The Sun

But those with remote key fobs often forget to reprogram the receiver in the car door.

If they don’t, thieves – who might have gotten their hands on missing keys – can press a button to unlock the vehicle and start the engine.

Elizabeth also urges drivers to ensure their spare keys have been reprogrammed and replaced if the master key goes missing.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Elizabeth – company director at locksmith L&E Ltd – said: “We work with auto locksmiths. Typically if a driver has lost their car keys or their car keys are broken, we have a lot of keys for that.

“But also, we make new keys for cars that have been stolen. Or even for keys that have been stolen.

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“So if a car key has been stolen but the car is still there, we can erase the car key that was stolen from the car’s processor and then reprogram another key.

“So even if they came back with that key, they couldn’t start the car with that.

“If you ever lose your car keys, it’s always a good idea to have the lost one erased from that car.”

Elizabeth also warned drivers of keyless cars to exercise caution.

While some thieves have been known to use gadgets that pretend to be your car key to get in, the more common methods are much simpler.

Elizabeth told how scammers use special devices to increase the signal range of keyless remotes.

The best ways to thwart criminals is to keep your key in a specially designed metal box or pouch – and place it as far away from your vehicle as possible when you’re not driving.

Elizabeth said: “Keyless entry basically means you don’t have to put a key in the ignition and turn it to turn the car on.

“Keyless key fobs have a built-in transceiver that sends radio signals to the car. So all you have to do is have this key fob on you and it will open the car – all you need to do is then press a button and the car starts.

“There are devices that thieves use to extend the range of this signal.

“So even if the keys are still in the house, the car will start.

“And then they leave without even entering the house.”

Elizabeth explained that there are easy ways to make sure your keys are safe from scammers and their technology.

She said: “One of the ways we’ve seen is if you keep the keys in a metal box it stops the signal.

“So we’ve seen people keep them in things like cookie tins or tea canisters.

“I personally wouldn’t recommend this as it hasn’t been proven, but you can buy Faraday bags.”

Faraday bags are special signal blocking structures that can protect credit cards, keys and gadgets from prying high-tech criminals.

“Even if they’re in your driveway next to your car with the device, the signal won’t go past the pocket,” Elizabeth added.

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