The Repair Shop Australia is coming to Foxtel in 2022

New to Foxtel in 2022 is Australia repair shop, based on the hugely popular British format. Host Dean Ipaviz (pictured) leads a team of passionate and highly skilled craftsmen who come to the rescue of precious possessions that are broken or damaged, revealing the remarkable stories behind these heirlooms.

The UK repair shop is often called “one of the most beautiful, heartwarming and heartwarming shows on television” and will now enjoy a unique Australian flavor to this format.

Everyone has something that matters too much to them to throw away, and the repair shop team not only restores these items, but the memories they contain as well. From family heirlooms to the precious possessions of loved ones, they are painstakingly restored so that they can be passed on to future generations.

The repair shop team characteristics Majella the metallurgist, Aaron leather artisans, Lydia jeweler, NS padding, André the watchmaker, Britta the furniture restorer, Paul the versatile electric, and Kay the plush expert.

Dean Ipaviz said, “I’m incredibly excited to be involved with a show that I’ve been following (and loving) for a few years now. We take a look at the history of Australia on some coins and get a bird’s eye view of how things were done before, before mass production and the ‘throwaway culture’ we live in today. ‘hui.

“I look forward to working with a group of artisans who live and breathe restoration and repair. For me, there is something really unique about taking old items that are truly precious to us as people and returning them to their former glory. This is linked to my beliefs around a circular economy and I hope it will be the impetus for others to look into restoring their own heritage. “

The Repair Shop is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Productions (WBITVP) exclusively for Foxtel’s LifeStyle channel and airing in 2022.

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