(Paris, Texas) The hot summer months are upon us! As you prepare for parks, ball games, barbecues, and other outdoor activities, thieves prepare for you to make a mistake by leaving your vehicle unlocked.

There has been a recent upsurge in motor vehicle burglaries in the Paris region as well as in Lamar County. These burglaries happen late at night or early in the morning when most of the public is asleep. Burglars target vehicles left unlocked and take anything of value. Most importantly, they have access to guns left in vehicles. Paris Police Department, Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, Reno Police Department, and Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force encourage you to lock your vehicles and remove your items. valuable.

The Texas Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA), a division of the Texas Department of Motor
Vehicles, reminds drivers that a vehicle is broken into every two minutes and stolen every eight minutes in the state.
These crimes can escalate during the summer season when the weather is hot. With our busy schedules and activities during this time, some drivers become careless while locking doors and taking keys. To make matters worse, a thief won’t necessarily stop to take your vehicle and the things inside. They can also search for personal documents and items that can help them steal your identity or gain access to your home. In other words, the theft or burglary of your vehicle may simply be a gateway to the commission of further crimes.

Auto burglars are more likely to break into an unlocked vehicle rather than a locked vehicle. Drivers should understand that almost anything they leave inside their vehicle can be valuable to a thief. When vehicles are left unlocked and unattended, drivers urge thieves to walk away with whatever they see inside, which often includes guns, purses, wallets, packages, electronic devices, suitcases, garage door openers, keys and personal information.

Thieves Committed 154,274 Burglary and Theft According to Texas Department of Public Safety
84,170 vehicles in Texas in 2020. In some jurisdictions, more than half of stolen vehicles had unlocked doors
and keys left inside, but drivers can avoid being part of these statistics. The MVCPA and its 24 criminal vehicles
task forces in Texas promote a basic philosophy of vehicle crime prevention: “Protect It, It’s Yours. Motorists should
apply three basic safety tips to help prevent theft and burglary during the summer months and throughout the year:

  1. Remove personal belongings from sight
  2. Secure vehicles
  3. Never leave the keys inside

In addition to practicing these prevention methods, drivers should park in well-lit areas, near surveillance cameras (if available), and near heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The more threatened thieves feel with detection, the less likely they are to focus on targets in such areas.

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