The long history of Instagram’s famous Moka pot

As a writer for The strategist explains, the “Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker”, the official nickname of Alfonso’s creation, is “the grandfather of all mocha pots”. Priced at around $ 20, it’s also an inexpensive way to brew a strong cup of coffee that tastes as good as what you’d get at Starbucks. But the appeal of the Bialetti is not only in the price. His iconic lewk is tailor-made for social media, and the process by which he steams a basket of beans is Instagram-worthy – which is the best compliment you can give a coffee maker, really. . And the other mocha pots on the market are just as aesthetic as their predecessor, with a nice coffee choreography to boot.

As described by writer Alex Tewfik in an article for Philadelphia Magazine, a morning mocha pot routine is practically a mindfulness ritual: fill the chamber with water, add coffee, and wait for the pot to work its magic as it heats up. Watching the creme – a brown, frothy lather that signals your espresso is on the way – slowly coming out of the center pipe of the mocha pot is fascinating, so it’s no surprise that Instagram users saw an opportunity to record. , put on some music and create a trend. As of this writing, the #mokapot hashtag has an engagement of nearly 200k, where the machine is elated through photos, watercolors, and mocha pot therapy. For a little coffee maker that could, with such a rich past behind it, we see a strong and bright future ahead of us.

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