Spike Chunsoft, Inc.’s AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA initiative gets character trailer

On May 18, Spike Chunsoft, Inc. unveiled a brand new trailer for their upcoming AI: SOMNIUM FILES – NirvanA Initiative. This trailer revealed a sample of the characters that would appear, including some returning from the developer’s previous title, AI: THE SOMNIUM DOSSIERS.

Characters featured include Mizuki, an ABIS special agent who investigates a series of strange deaths; Aiba, his investigative assistant; Ryuki, another ABIS special agent investigating the same case as Mizuki six years prior; Tama, his assistant investigator; Kizuna, a senior at Sekiba High and friend of Mizuki; Lien, a great locksmith with old dreams of becoming a pilot; Amame, who works as a mermaid maid at a maid cafe known as Sunfish Pocket; Gen, the owner of Brahman World Cuisine who wears a strange mascot mask; Komeji, a comedian who hosted the show the first strange body showed up on; Shoma, a 6th grader who solved a secret code; Tokiko, the president of the Japanese branch of the secret society NAIXATLOZ; Chikara, director of the Horadori Institute of Genetics; and a still unknown masked woman.

As a bonus, the trailer also mentions some limited-time DLCs. Available for three weeks after the game’s launch, the “3-Pattern T-Shirt Set” and “Hot Dog Costume Set” can unlock all-new outfits for Aiba and Tama to wear in-game.

Additionally, the game can now be pre-ordered on Nintendo.com, the Nintendo eShop and Xbox.com, with a wishlist also available on the PlayStation Store. AI: SOMNIUM FILES – NirvanA Initiative will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows on July 8, 2022 in Europe and Oceania and June 24, 2022 in North America.

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