Powerful LOCKKILL feature permanently disables traditional and popular digital locks in seconds

GILBERT, Arizona., September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – DG3 Locksmith (http://dg3locksmithing.com/) recently launched the LOCKKILL device to help homeowners secure their home and property locks between rentals. Using a simple yet highly effective design, the patent pending LOCKKILL device permanently deactivates a digital or traditional lock after insertion by securing the locking pins in place. And with a score line etched into each key, LOCKKILL blanks can be snapped into the lock, further enhancing its secure fit and crippling properties. LOCKKILL blanks are available in two models – Kwikset or Schlage – and are available for direct sale to consumers through the DG3 Locksmithing website.

“Evictions can be a complicated business, and that’s when we find our clients need LOCKKILL the most,” said Rick goulian of DG3 Serrurerie. “Most people would be amazed at some of the stories we’ve heard from homeowners: broken windows, holes in the walls, torn carpet, and damaged appliances. It’s shocking what some angry tenants can do after an official eviction. You have to prepare for the worst. “

DG3 Locksmith: investors need a tool to prevent burglaries on vacant properties

FBI statistics show that a burglar strikes every 30 seconds in the United States, which represents more than 3,000 burglaries per day. Break-ins and burglaries are the most mentioned property crimes by homeowners, accounting for 16.1% of all property crimes (62.8% residential) – with 55.7% of those involving a driveway forced. And homeowners have reason to worry: The average loss from a burglary can cost thousands of dollars, with an emotional toll too.

Burglaries are more common in summer – June being the worst month, followed by the spring months of March and April. But most shocking of all: FBI data reported that 45% of all reported burglaries occurred during the day, with just 39% at night.

“Lockkill has a wide variety of applications and is particularly effective against digital locks,” Goulian explained. “Everyone thinks digital locks are more secure than traditional keyed locks, but in reality, they are not. watch this video. But once you get Lockkill in place, that digital lock is out of service. ”

Lockkill has been reviewed by Inventors Digest, Coolest Gadgets, ITS Tactical, Lock Lab, and Quantum Tech HD. Read it STI tactical review on the original Lockkill design, or visit Youtube to see Lockkill in action and visit them at www.LOCKKILL.com.

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