Palmerston North Police recover cache of stolen tools

Police recovered a large number of stolen tools from a shopkeeper in
Palmerston North.

The burglary took place on October 16, and on November 3, police searched a
locally owned and recovered a huge cache of power tools, hand tools and
other building equipment.

Police were able to quickly identify the owner of some tools due to
personal data entered there.

Cody, a local builder, was delighted to get his tools quickly and has a
message for all trades.

“Record the serial number of your tools, mark them in a specific way and
take pictures to keep track of what’s yours, ”he says.

Palmerston North Police Crime Squad Constable James Rastrick
encouraged all artisans to mark their tools.

“Use a pen or soldering iron on any soft plastic and write your drivers
license number on them.

“The police can access this number and immediately know who is the owner
of the tool is and flip them.

Agent Rastrick says thieves are constantly targeting vehicles from

“We have a huge volume of tools that disappear every month and we are constantly
the execution of search warrants and the recovery of quantities of tools, unfortunately many of us
cannot identify an owner for.

Agent Rastrick also asks second-hand dealers or members of the
public purchasing tools through social media to ensure there are no brands or
numbers engraved on the tools they buy.

Check before you buy, if the deal is too good to be true then it probably is.
and the grief it causes is not worth the savings you made.

In addition to Cody’s tools, the police recovered a large number of tools that they
are always looking for owners. If you have recently had construction equipment
stolen from you, call 105 and quote file number 211103/4527.

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