Osakis Police Blotter: November 18-24

November 18

Forensic medicine course, presentation of the 4th amendment and time of the person in charge of school resources, 1re Avenue E.

Warning for lack of maintenance of the track, County Road 37.

Arrested for suspended object, contravention for driving after suspension and no proof, 8th Avenue W.

Suspended object warning, 6th Avenue North.

Motorist assistance, truck with transmission problem, lights provided, 4th Avenue E.

Arrested for non-compliance with the lane, traffic ticket for driving after suspension, 1re Avenue W.

Gas line, entered store but not charged for gasoline, Nokomis Street W.

Warning for failure to keep lane and passage through stop sign, 27/170.

Arrested for not keeping lane, driving ticket after revocation and no evidence, 141st Avenue.

Suspicious vehicle, appellant feared stealing copper, 1st Avenue E.

November 19

Medical, transported, Oak Street W.

Complaint about parking, driveway blocking vehicle, information sent to school to give driver an opportunity to get around before being towed, citation issued, Oak Street W.

Schedule of the school resources manager, 1ère Avenue E.

Delivered a stop work order, 1st Avenue E.

911 hangs up, medical, transported, Oak Street W.

Patrol at the exit of the school, 1st Avenue E.

Help another agency, debris on the road, vehicle struck by deer, vehicle towed by friend, County Road 3 SE.

November 20

Commercial check, Nokomis Street W.

Unlock the doors, Nokomis Street W.

Funeral escort, 3rd Avenue West.

Parking complaint.

Speed ​​Warning, County Road 10 SE.

Speed ​​Warning, 6th Avenue N.

Speed ​​warning, 1ère Avenue E.

Material damage accident with deer, deer killed on impact, drivable car, 1re Avenue E.

Speed ​​warning, 1ère Avenue E.

Helping another agency, caller heard crash and moaning, intoxicated person, Hope Road SE.

21 November

Citation for violation of stop sign, highway 27.

Theft, Burglary Fish House, Main Street W.

Assist another agency, car parked on ramp with child on passenger side, transferred to state patrol, person arrested for nap, 1-94 SE.

Patrol, open to meeting.

Citation for violation of stop sign at 1st Avenue, State Highway 27 SE.

Parking complaint, notice given not to park on the street after 2 a.m., Main Street W.

22 november

Schedule of the school resources manager, 1ère Avenue E.

Warning for expired registration, State Highway 27 SE.

Contractual hours for school resource officers, 1re Avenue E.

Checked for damage and vandalism.

Arrested for missing license plate, driving ticket after revocation, State Highway 27 SE.

Lane Keeping Warning, 170th / State 27.

Warning for missing front plate, Nokomis Street E.

AWAIR / right to know, Nokomis Street W.

Attention speed, 51 / 115th.

Motorist assistance, broken down car at intersection, vehicle pushed out of intersection and brought home, 1st Avenue E.

Patrol activity, Clifford Lake Road SE.

Muffler Act Warning, County Road 2 SE.

Warning of no rear lights, 4th Avenue E.

Checking out the house, Lake Street.

23 november

Schedule of the school resources manager, 1ère Avenue E.

Warning for tinted window too dark, first offense, 2e Avenue E.

Patrol activity, Nokomis Street W.

Patrol activity, Laven’s Lake View Drive.

Patrol activity, 8th Avenue E.

24 november

Warning for taillight off, 1ère Avenue E.

Medical, transported, Pike Street W.

Criminal Property Damage, Utility Shed Door Pulled, Main Street W.

Juvenile Disorders, 1re Avenue E.

Drug related activity, the caller stated that the person asked him outside to take cocaine in his car, the caller made a recorded statement, the person denied any drug use or said what whether on cocaine, Nokomis Street E.

Public assistance, person needed to contact a locksmith for his residence, provided multiple numbers, East Nokomis Street.

Assisted motorist, person requesting assistance to unlock vehicle, West Main.

Assisting another agency, one person said another person took their support cat to their apartment in Alexandria and would not answer the phone, the officer asked for proof that the cat was owned, County Road 82 SE.

Speed ​​warning, 1ère Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller wishes to speak to agent, call not answered, Main Street W.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Noise Complaint / Disturbance Report 2 people knocking on another person’s door unable to locate them seems to be an ongoing issue and apartment management will intrude on them, Main Street W.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, but rather a brief recap of daily service calls.

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