NY Highways testing machine designed to speed up pothole repair | New

A sophisticated machine capable of repairing potholes and other road damage in minutes is being evaluated by motorway engineers in North Yorkshire.

NYHighways is the independent company responsible for maintaining the roads on our behalf.

Staff are currently testing a new machine that allows the operator to efficiently repair potholes and other damage to pavement surfaces quickly and safely. It is currently being tested on Hambleton District roads.

The JCB Pothole Pro is said to be able to repair a typical pothole faster than using conventional methods, while providing a permanent repair.

It has different heads, which can plane areas of the road surface, cut sections of pavement, and clear debris after the repair is complete, providing options for dealing with different types of repairs.

A great advantage for the operator is that he works from the cabin, which has a panoramic view which contributes to his safety.

Also, because the processes are automated, the risk of health problems caused by hand/arm vibration when using power tools is eliminated.

Executive Member for Highways, Cllr Keane Duncan, said: “Keeping county roads in good condition is a priority for us and we are always keen to test emerging technologies that could help with this.

“We work hard to minimize disruption to other road users when carrying out repairs and the prospect of being able to complete the work quickly and in safe conditions for those affected is an obvious attraction.

“As a result, we are putting this machine through its paces so we can assess how it works in real world conditions and a decision will be made later if NYHighways should add it to their fleet.

“Whatever the outcome, road users can be sure that we are always aiming to provide them with the best possible service.”

Ross Bullerwell, Managing Director of NYHighways, said, “NYHighways puts innovation at the forefront of the business; new technologies, materials or services drive continuous improvement in the maintenance of infrastructure in North Yorkshire.

“The JCB Pothole Pro system is just one innovation we are testing, with many more planned over the next year to find right place, right time and right price solutions for the roads of the world. county.”

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