‘Moon Knight’ Writer Explains How the Suit Generates Its Weapons

Moon Knight is a crime-fighting superhero in the guise of the moon. His costume gives him superhuman strength and the ability to quickly ignore mortal wounds, but perhaps the most interesting feature is his Batarang-shaped crescent moon projectiles, which he shoots from his chest and launches at the malefactors.

Some, on the other hand, have asked where these crescent moons came from. Marc Spector doesn’t appear to be a metalworker or have access to tools and we never see him recovering them after the battle.


Fortunately, when the issue came up in conversation with ComicBook.comMoon Knight writer Jeremy Slater was primed with the appropriate response…sort of.

“Yeah, I think it’s all supernatural, just some kind of magic, because the whole costume is kind of the manifestation of Khonshu’s powers. So I think he probably has a way to put those crescents back together, which he doesn’t have to run around the battlefield after everyone’s unconscious and get all his little blades and toys back in. But that’s also the kind of thing you try to gloss over as a writer because once you have to explain that stuff, that’s when you’re in the weeds.

So, in a nutshell, don’t overthink it. This also applies to Mr. Knight’s fencing sticks, which he seemingly produces out of nowhere behind his back.

While Moon KnightThe first season of Fade in the Rearview Mirror has fans eagerly awaiting the return of Marc Spector, Steven Grant and third personality Jake Lockley. For now, Marvel Studios is quiet, but you can expect them to eventually address the end of Jake and Khonshu’s clever escape.

It’s too early to tell if they’ll appear in a second season, work together as the Midnight Sons, or make another appearance in another hero’s tale (Blade?), but everyone’s convinced we need more Oscar Isaac in the MCU ASAP.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney Plus

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