Lockwood Distilling, of Richardson, opens second bar in North Texas

Lockwood Distilling Co., which opened in Richardson in 2019, has expanded to Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth.

The neighborhood family bar sells 11 locally made spirits, including pink hibiscus vodka, bourbon cream, and whiskey, gin and rum.

Regulars to Fort Worth may remember the storefront at 1411 W. Magnolia Ave. like an old locksmith.

“We get one person a day asking for a key size,” says Lockwood co-owner Evan Batt with his wife Sally Batt. “So we get a key cut. “

We visited Lockwood Distilling Co. in Fort Worth on Friday morning November 19, 2021, just before it opened.(Ben Torres / Special Contributor)

And why not: those who revisit their old locksmith will find the added benefit of locally made alcohol.

Evan has worked at several distilleries and wineries in Texas and says he initially opened Lockwood to create a place he wished he already existed.

“It’s that classic story,” he says, “You’re in a bar and you’re like, ‘I think we can do better. “

Lockwood in Richardson had the almost instantaneous support of his neighborhood – which served him well in his early days in early 2020, when bars closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Batts never put their employees on leave; they moved them to new jobs like making hand sanitizer and bottling alcohol.

Evan says food is a big part of Lockwood, and much of the menu was inspired by trips to New Orleans. The menu includes a texified chili cheese appetizer made with roasted poblano peppers and smoked pecans; a muffaletta with smoked olive tapenade and Texas olive oil; and a butter bean dip.

Executive Chef Julio Ortiz created the menu in Richardson and will oversee the new menu in Fort Worth. Cowtown’s menu is abbreviated, for the time being, but includes 44 Farms beef hot dogs and sandwiches and appetizers.

The restaurant cooks with its own liquor, which is rare among local bars.

“Cooking with alcohol is almost as good as drinking it,” Evan says. The original Richardson’s pastrami sandwich is one example: it’s cured in Lockwood gin.

The company sells around 10,000 cases of alcohol per year. He is known for his bourbon cream, a product that pairs well with coffee but can also be used in desserts like bread pudding. All 11 spirits are sold at Lockwood’s two bars in Richardson and Fort Worth, as well as major North Texas retailers like Spec’s and Total Wine and More.

Lockwood Distilling Company is located at 1411 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth. It opened on November 19, 2021.

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