Karanvir Bohra saw a glimpse of sunlight in the Lock Upp house and ran towards Payal, who had been looking for sunlight since day one. When she saw the light of day, Payal became extremely emotional; everyone consoled her. To add to the emotional roller coaster, Karanvir missed and remembered his family, especially his children.

Later that day, we witness a huge cleanliness dispute in the Lock Upp house. Tehseen and Sara have a major argument for not keeping the toilets clean. She ordered him to clean it, and in which, Munawar said. “Accha hua Tehseen ko dekh liya varna sab pe blame karti,” Munwar Sara teases. Siddharth is also seen raving the inmates about Shivam, saying he doesn’t deserve to be in the Lock Upp house and should be kicked out of the show. Saisha is tired of the punishments she is going through and wants to spend time in the Lock Upp house in luxury. Finally, there were discussions between the teams for the nominations. The blue team targeted Anjali as the weakest competitor and Munawar as the competitor for all inmates.

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