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Winnebago County Police Scanner Frequencies

My primary focus for Rockford Scanner has been and always will be the police scanner hobby.
This has been my roots from the beginning. So I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and share some information and online streams that you can listen to. Many believe that since the cipher font there is nothing if not to listen too.

If you are interested in a real police scanner: CLICK HERE

I’d rather listen to the Rockford airport tower, departures and approaches, than listen to public safety.
I usually listen to live traffic from Rockford Airport on

There’s a lot more to listen to on the airwaves than you might think!

LiveATC has communications from Rockford Airport.
You can listen to the tower, approaches, departures, ground, etc…
Rockford Airport has grown significantly and offers many excellent services for pilots.
So you never know who or what you may hear! You can hear a B-2 bomber requesting a clearance and seconds later you can hear a rookie pilot training in a Cessna 172 from Poplar Grove airport touching down and departing on runway 7/25 . You never know what you may hear! 🙂

Another good thing to listen to is the railroads. The Rockford area is very popular with rail traffic.
You can listen to the conductor talking to his dispatcher and know when the train will be in the area.
Or when the train hit a truck that was parked on the tracks… Again, that’s another good thing to listen to too, that you never know what you might hear! You can CLICK HERE, to listen to the local railways.

Many people like to listen to public safety. As you know, all Winnebago County Police Departments are encrypted.
That doesn’t mean you can’t hear some public safety yet.
You can still hear a lot about public safety in Winnebago County.

We highly recommend listening to this stream:

This stream is the most popular online stream for the Winnebago County area!

Below are some streams of online police scanners in Winnebago County.
We would like to thank the departments that have posted an official feed
for their departments in Winnebago County, Thanks!


Unofficial feeds submitted by community members.

As you can see, there’s a lot in the public safety genre to listen to too.

Another great thing to listen to is amateur radio groups. (144,000-148,000)
We discuss this a bit on our website at
Most of the time you will hear licensed radio amateurs talking about what they have been up to during the day, or you may hear certain weather conditions, or certain local amateur radio networks. There are 2 very popular local networks. RARA network takes place on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. at 146.610. And the famous Friday Night Fun Net takes place on the same frequency, Friday evening at 8 p.m. The Northern Illinois SKYWARN is active when extreme weather conditions occur. If you would like to learn more about the Rockford Amateur Radio Association,
Visit their website at

You can listen to CB bands between 26.965-27.405
The CB band is for unlicensed people. Be careful, it can sometimes be uncensored.
Channel 19 is used by truckers. Channel 9 is the emergency channel.
The CB band is sometimes quite active.

You know those portable radios you buy at the store?
I bet you didn’t know: you need an FCC license to operate them on certain frequencies (channels)
Yeah, it’s called the GMRS band.
These are low power portable radios that people use for general communications, at events, and just for general conversation.
One second you can listen to local roadrunners, and the next second you’re listening to a wife telling her husband to contact OLIPHANT Locksmithbecause she locked herself out of her vehicle.

Another fun thing to listen to is the military plane.
They operate in the freq. range of 225,000-400,000)
I have been told that the FCC may have or may make changes to this range of bands.
It is therefore not known whether these changes have been made or are in progress.
The Army is very active in our area and we also have the National Guard stationed at Machesney Park.
Thus, military aircraft bands may be active at certain times.

Believe it or not, you can actually listen to the International Space Station!
When astronauts are active in the air, they can usually be heard over 145,800
When you hear them, astronauts are usually talking to radio amateurs or answering questions about school events.

Speaking of space! You can listen to several different types of satellites.
The Rockford Area Amateur Radio Association has good information on
You can listen to amateur radio satellites, decode NOAA weather satellites and get real-time satellite images.

On the subject of weather, you can listen to the official NOAA weather frequencies between 162.00 and 163.00
These are the official NOAA weather radios. You will be able to hear the weather forecast and any watches or warnings that may be issued. Some good currencies: Always have your eyes to the sky and your ears to the scanner. And “turn around, don’t drown”

Another good site is
They broadcast the digital discussion groups in the region.
These are the departments of the most advanced P25 systems they use.

The Scanner Guys on Youtube has tons of information on scanning.
They do a live show on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.
Check out their Youtube channel at
As you can see, you can still listen to a lot of stuff on the air 🙂
Either through your own personal scanner or through an online stream.

If you hear of anything interesting, let us know!

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If you have information:
[email protected]

See a scene,
Instantaneous a photo or video of the scene,
Send to us at [email protected]

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  • As you know, the local police encrypts and is not transparent.
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