July 18 Letters to the Editor, Part 2: Opinions of our Readers | Notice

Americans can be terrorists.

For some reason, a large portion of American citizens somehow believe that it is impossible for an American to commit acts of terrorism against the United States. It is not a belief that can be supported by evidence.

Evidence shows that the majority of terrorist acts in the United States are committed by American citizens.

The Bundy family and what they do are prime examples of Americans who specialize in harassing and terrorizing other Americans. All of those who entered the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were national terrorists engaged in activities designed to terrorize and threaten other Americans. These creeps don’t go anywhere without their weapons as their intention is to intimidate and terrorize others. Legitimate activists do not carry guns.

If you know a member of the Proud Boys, the 3 Percenters, or the Oathkeepers, you know a fascist autocrat who supports and possibly participates in anti-American domestic terrorism. These are the groups that organized and participated in the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill with the intention of overthrowing our legitimately elected president.

Fortunately, these groups failed in this attempted coup. The ongoing insurgency is mainly promoted by social media bots controlled by the Kremlin.

This is how far some in America who call themselves patriots have fallen. They attack the United States on the basis of Russian propaganda while simultaneously presenting themselves as American patriots.

These are confusing times, okay. I sincerely hope that we can overcome this mess with our country and our democracy intact.

In response to the person expressing outrage at the Sativa Sisters ad of the Statue of Liberty holding a bong, here’s another perspective. To the extent that the United States is regaining a lost freedom in the form of relatively free cannabis use while continuing to defend the reproductive rights of women, and to the extent that the Statue of Liberty is a A female figure affirming and celebrating personal freedom and self-ownership, the figuration of the Sisters seems both appropriate and timely.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people, the creation of a French artist-sculptor and a French engineer-ironworker.

It was intended to celebrate American independence and the end of slavery in the United States

For a business believed to be owned and operated by women at the forefront of legal cannabis entrepreneurship, identifying with Lady Liberty seems well within the bounds of good taste and freedom of speech and expression.

She’s also the living embodiment of the First Amendment, isn’t she?

Cannabis is synonymous with relaxation and pleasure, arguably the central taboo in Puritan-Protestant America.

Would you also be offended if she was holding a work tool or a gun? How about a spatula or a frying pan?

France is famous for its libertine culture of art, wine, sex, slow meals and shameless joie de vivre, no doubt why so many Americans who know nothing about culture or history French people instinctively hate France.

It’s also worth mentioning that cannabis helps Lady Liberty relieve her menstrual and menopausal discomfort without expensive doctors or pharmaceuticals.

I am probably older than most of you and have lived in this area all my life.

Changes? Yes, I’ve seen them all.

I sit and watch the planes descend and fill with gallons of water. And why?

Let’s think about it. It looks like it could be to save this country from the many fires that destroy farmland, pasture, and woodland – just a few of the things that are necessary for your normal life.

How can this be done?

In my opinion, it is because of the reservoirs behind the dams.

These bodies of water allow you to simply pick up and load gallons and gallons of water.

So ask yourself: what is most important? Break the dams or have water to save our resources necessary for life?

Yes, you who want to break the dams to save the fish, there are no more of you than those who need this land for your survival.

For me, having cultivated most of my life, I see dams as a lifeline.

You get cheaper transportation, electricity, and a source of recreation after a week of hard work.

Well, that’s my opinion.

A better topic of debate would be to use cell phones while working, walk around stores and drive – or text while standing next to the person you’re texting.

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