Julianne Hough Focuses On ‘Leading With Love’ In Her Broadway Debut

Julianne Hough is back on the acting scene after a break from the spotlight at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hough’s return marks her positively acclaimed Broadway debut with the political satire “POTUS” alongside costars including Vanessa Williams.

The 33-year-old spoke candidly about life on pause, leading each day with love, and how performing in theater production is a victory for women.

Julianne Hough is back in the spotlight and directing with love


Hough was candid PEOPLE about life before making his Broadway debut with “POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Idiot, Seven Women Try to Keep Him Alive”.

The “Dancing With The Stars” pro took a break from Hollywood when the pandemic hit and devoted her time to finding herself. She says:

“I tried to use this break as a time for personal growth and reconnecting with my friends and family and, most importantly, myself.”

After some soul-searching, Hough peacefully left her marriage to former hockey star Brooks Laich. The couple married in 2017, divorced in May 2020 and finalized their separation in February. She explained:

“You think about what’s important and what you’ll have left at the end of your life. [It’s important to] clear space for you to put your energy and heart into the things you are truly passionate about.

The ‘Safe Haven’ actress is positive about her future and getting better every day. She springs:

“My heart is open. I lead with love but I’m not necessarily looking for anything. I focus on the things that make me happy… I focus on being the best version of myself. I am delighted to be in this state of openness.

Speaking of things that make her happy, Hough is having a blast on “POTUS.” She praised the show for giving women the opportunity to be more than one thing.

The “Footloose” actress, who plays Dusty, a farm girl who’s more than she looks, noted that she no longer feels the need to prove her worth now that she’s older.

Hough opened up about moving to New York to get a fresh start with her new work on Broadway with an all-female cast including Vanessa Williams and Rachel Dratch. She springs:

“It’s been a dream of mine – not just to be part of a show like this, but to be part of the Broadway community. I really feel like a brotherhood. They really showed me what it’s like. ‘friendship.

“POTUS: Or, Behind Every Big Fool, Seven Women Try to Keep Him Alive” opened in April and will run through August.

The show, which tackles a variety of modern topics including abortion, picked up three Tony nominations on Monday, May 9.

The Blast revealed Hough’s divorce was finalized in court on Feb. 22, 2022. The former couple released a joint statement about their split, saying they had lovingly and carefully decided to go their separate ways. The message continued and read:

“We share an abundance of love and respect for each other and will continue to lead with our hearts from this place. We ask that you please show compassion and respect for our privacy in the future.

‘POTUS’ actress buys new home amid Brooks Laich split

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich at the 2019 WME Talent Agency Party

In the spirit of leading with love and living a happy life, Hough bought a new home after her separation from Laich.

the explosion revealed that the owner had uploaded a instagram photo of her sitting on the floor of the new location in a pretty white dress and black socks.

Hough styled her hair in a messy bun and stared into the distance as a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine sat beside her. She noted that this was her first time sleeping on the property, typing:

“Living in NYC – first night in my house, had to pick up a locksmith at 2am, no furniture, drinking my @freshvinewine wine in my only cup of coffee and loving every minute.”

The ‘Dirty Grandpa’ star called her place next to the fireplace a space where she will contemplate her life and the next chapter. She springs:

“The cool thing is that I got to live the life of my dreams, to have family, friends old and new in my life who show each other and to have a new feeling of wonder in my eyes and my heart, that this empty house seems completely full!

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