Intended employment for jobs that generally require an apprenticeship

More information on the data we used in the ranking above

In some occupations, people can learn the job through an apprenticeship program. Insider wanted to know which of these occupations should see jobs flourish in the future.

Not only do the 10 professions above usually require an apprenticeship, but they usually only need a high school diploma or equivalent for entry, for example. education data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

All data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data on the median annual salary come from the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics Program. The projections come from the most recent employment projections which examine the changes from 2020 to 2030.

Based on the most recent projections, 10 of the 15 jobs that typically require apprenticeship are expected to experience some growth. Among these 10 growing jobs, the highest percentage increase is for millwrights. Electricians follow closely and are also expected to experience the biggest job change among these occupations, increasing by 66,100.

The base year for the decade projection was 2020, the year in which employment in all industries fell at the start of the pandemic and has since been on the road to recovery. You can find more information on the impact of the pandemic on the projections of industries and occupations on BLS.

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