Ingleby Barwick Cafe & Bar launches the estate’s ‘first private dining space’ for guests

A popular cafe bar in Ingleby Barwick has added a new private dining room to its site.

Molly Shaher, who works as a lecturer at Middlesbrough College, opened The Scene on the housing estate in June last year. The 51-year-old has now announced that the venue is opening a new private dining space – ‘Curious No9 at The Scene’ – which will serve as a multi-purpose venue for a variety of events.

Molly, who has extensive hospitality experience, has chosen to employ her past and present students at the Ingleby site, who will now be able to experiment with their various culinary skills. She said the new space is an “added value” for both staff and customers.

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Acklam’s mum said: “A lot of people kept coming and just wanted a little space. We have a lot of people coming in and having work meetings and a lot of people coming in for interviews or coming to meet for a coffee.

“Now we can also offer them this more secluded and private space – we’ve put a TV there so people can plug in their laptops and have breakfast. This is the first in Ingleby Barwick.”

The new multipurpose room of The Scene

Molly added that the multipurpose room could also be used for people with disabilities who want a quiet, secluded space: “We also have a lot of people with autism who come with their children or a lot of deaf people who come. We welcome everyone but sometimes [the main area] can be a bit noisy.”

Molly added that the venue had already started to get booked up with a variety of different events. She said: “If you’re coming with your family for an afternoon tea, it looks lovely, but if you’ve also had a breakfast meeting, we can swap all that crockery to be of a different style. The tableware is really expensive but I wanted it so it’s diverse.”

After a successful and busy opening year, Molly believes the time is right for The Scene to expand not only to meet the needs of more customers, but also to give staff a chance to experience more.

“Now students who have graduated can now use their skills. We’ve been open for almost a year now and I didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was – I I have a lot of people booking for events and parties now. There’s added value for everyone.”

For more information, visit The Scene’s Facebook page.


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