How Army of Thieves sets up Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead

Warning! SPOILERS for Army of Thieves

While Netflix Army of thieves exists as a somewhat separate prequel to that of Zack Snyder Army of the dead, There are a few key elements from the first that help set up the final zombie movie, while simultaneously confirming their common existence in the same world where Nevada was overrun by the infected. Directed and performed by Matthias Schweighöfer, Army of thieves introduces Ludwig Dieter before he joins Scott Ward’s team (Dave Bautista) to infiltrate Las Vegas as a security hacker.

Before Vegas’ job to break into one of the world’s most secure vaults to steal $ 200 million, Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert was a simple cracker with no criminal background. However, her recruitment by a master thief known as Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel) led to an adventure that put her skills to the ultimate test, allowing her to gain practical application experience while attempting to break into each vault in the Ring Cycle, a collection of vaults created by legendary locksmith Hans Wagner. This all happened against the apocalyptic backdrop of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

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While this previous film sees the world somewhat distracted by what’s going on in Las Vegas, the connection to Zack Snyder’s zombie flick is pretty minimal and the connections that do exist are largely focused on the future Ludwig Dieter himself. Here are all the main connections and means Army of thieves sets of Army of the dead.

Army of Thieves shows zombies on TV (and in dreams)

At the beginning of Army of thieves, Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert leads a routine life while posting videos of his safety hobby on Youtube. However, while working as a bank teller, he becomes aware of the zombie virus in America. Although this has little effect on his daily life in Germany, Sebastian has not stopped having nightmares about zombies attacking him. As the movie progresses, Nevada Zombies are also featured on various TVs several times.

Sebastian has two major nightmares where he dreams of being attacked by zombies. After waking up from her second zombie dream (having been with Gwendoline’s crew for a while), tech assistant Korina (Ruby O. Fee) suggests her dreams might be a prophecy of what’s to come. . While this was simply meant to tease Sebastian, it serves as an unintended foreshadowing of Sebastian’s future as Dieter in Army of the dead.

Army of Thieves shows Dieter Safecracker’s background

thieves army review

One of the greatest things Army of thieves provided as configuration for Army of the dead is Sebastian’s evolution into a security criminal. Before joining Gwendoline’s crew in Army of thieves, Sebastian was just an amateur. However, thanks to Gwendoline’s pushes and the ability to break into the world’s largest vaults, Sebastian is able to gain hands-on experience before breaking into the vault in Las Vegas. If he hadn’t had those first three safes to break into first in Army of thieves, Sebastian might not have done so well with that of Army of the dead, especially with the added pressure of a zombie outbreak.

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Army of Thieves Reveals History of the Vault

Dieter and Bly Tanaka in Army of Thieves

The vaults in question all turn out to be the creation of Hans Wagner, including the one featured in Army of the dead The Vegas heist known as the Götterdämmerung. Known as the “Ringing cycle,“these four vaults were the last creations of the German locksmith Hasn Wagner which he fashioned from the works of his namesake Richard Wagner and his magnum opus opera Der Ring des Nibelungen. However, only the locations of the Rheingold, Valkyrie, and Siegfried are confirmed and researched by the crew in Army of thieves, leaving the fourth Götterdämmerung supposed to be cracked by Dieter in Army of the dead.

Army of thieves also reveals that all four chests belong to Bly Tanaka, the man who hired Scott Ward’s team in Army of the dead. While his secret objective was to secure the head of the alpha zombie for him to be armed by the US government, it is interesting to note that he owned the entire ring cycle, testifying to his vast wealth. and his power while proving he couldn’t have cared less about securing the 200 million. Plus, the existence of the Ring Cycle, with Sebastian having already cracked the top three, explains why he joined Ward’s team so quickly. Rather than being interested in the money, Sebastian was motivated to complete his quest as he had promised Gwendoline he would do before she was arrested, allowing her to escape to America.

Army of Thieves gives Dieter its name Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead Matthias Schweighöfer as Dieter Ludwig Vertical

Army of thieves also gives Sebastian the name he uses in Army of the Dead: Ludwig Dieter. As he revealed in a more intimate moment with Gwendoline, Sebastian had come up with the name as a child, imagining himself as a superhero who used Ludwig Dieter’s name rather than his real name which Gwendoline admits to being. quite the mouthful. In essence, the name was an alter ego, existing as a representation of Sebastian’s more confident ego.

However, after Sebastian manages to escape the authorities after Gwen and the rest of the crew are arrested, he discovers the passports and tickets Gwendoline had obtained so that they could escape to America and search for the rumor. Götterdämmerung, and his passport was named Ludwig Dieter. Gwendoline remembered the name, making her responsible for the new pseudonym he uses in Army of the dead.

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While Army of thieves ends with the scene where Scott Ward and Maria Cruz recruit Zack Snyder’s Dieter Army of the dead, he now wears a whole new light now that viewers are aware of the emotional motivations behind Dieter’s name and his quest to find the last safe in the ring cycle. As such, while Army of thieves does not do much to set up Army of the dead overall, this makes Matthias Schweighöfer’s Ludwig Dieter a much more interesting character than he already was by providing his character with a dynamic backstory.

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