Hopefully Queensland’s hard border with New South Wales will lift as restrictions are relaxed

The lockdown is expected to be lifted on Friday for parts of regional New South Wales, including the Northern Rivers. Now residents say they are hopeful this will cause Queensland’s hard border to relax.

New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro has said areas beyond transmission sites, such as the northern median coast, should not be subject to continued lockdown.

“You cannot delete what does not exist,” he said.

Businesses and residents of Tweed-Coolangatta have been hit hard by the tightest border closures to date, with a limited list of “essential workers” allowed to cross.

Coolangatta business owner Debbie McGovern is calling for a border bubble, imploring the premiers of Queensland and New South Wales to make a decision to make life easier for those struggling with the estranged community.

“Hopefully it works and hope Annastacia (Palaszczuk) opens this part as well,” Ms McGovern said.

“It’s a double-edged sword, the two girls (Annastacia Palaszczuk and Gladys Berejiklian) have to stop banging their heads and keep going, we have to open up.”

Debbie McGovern must be running a locksmith business on the Bay Street border. (

ABC News: Cathy Border


A trip to the blockade with supplies and paperwork has become a daily routine for Ms McGovern, who runs a security locksmith business serving Queensland and New South Wales.

“We have people who want security stuff done, keys or whatever and we have to come up here, do our papers across the border, it’s really ridiculous.”

Gemma Beaumont and her partner, both unable to work due to the lockdown, survive on disaster payments.

“It affected us a lot because I cannot work and my partner cannot work, my business had to close,” Ms. Beaumont said.

The beautician had high hopes of being released from the lockdown, but expected the worst.

“It would be horrible.

Grasp the story

Kym Cassanova has spent her day taking photos along what she calls the “Great Wall of Coolangatta”.

“I decided to do the Coolangatta Great Wall Walk – so I started at the top at D-Bah, I’m along the border just to peek and take a peek to a bit of history in the making, ”Ms. Cassanova said.

woman taking photo of border monument
Kym Cassanova walks along the border to “take a look at a bit of history in the making”.(

ABC Gold Coast: Cathy Border


The border across the city has become a popular place for business transactions as well as a meeting place for family and friends.

“It’s just devastating for all local businesses so a lot of people will never get over it.”

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