Home tax package includes tax relief holiday for ‘skilled trades’, longer school holidays and disaster holidays

Florida’s list of tax holidays could grow for a second straight year as Florida’s budget writers continue to work with a large surplus.

The House Ways and Means Committee unanimously approved the House’s proposed tax package (CMW 22-01) Thusday. Tax package from the last session created an estimated $196.3 million in relief for Floridians, and the new package could save Floridians more.

The tax package systematically includes tax exemptions for school and disaster preparedness. This year and last year, under the leadership of the Speaker of the House Chris Sprows and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Bobby Paynethe House experimented with additional leave.

“It’s easy to make a tax package when you have a great earning opportunity,” Payne said. “We want to give taxpayers’ money back to these hard-working citizens in the state to ensure they have every opportunity to improve their quality of life.”

Payne introduced a proposed new tax holiday from Sept. 3-9 to remove sales taxes on tools for skilled trades like mechanics, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. The holiday would coincide with Labor Day, which lands on September 5 this year.

Payne told members the list would cover “the cost of items needed for their education and training, as well as items needed to enter the job market and barriers they may encounter.”

Sales taxes would be exempt on certain tools, tool boxes and other supplies at various thresholds ranging from $25 to $300. Included in the list are industry manuals and codebooks that sell for $125 or less.

Rep. Republican. Nick Di Cegliea small business owner from Indian Rocks Beach, said he was especially excited for the vacation.

“Anytime we can help blue-collar workers in this state, it’s a huge bonus,” DiCeglie said.

The House also wants to bring back the Freedom Week holiday for a second year in a row. Freedom Week, which focuses on recreational events and activities, would run from July 1 to July 7.

The tax breaks would include concert, movie, museum, state park and festival tickets or season passes as well as fitness club memberships. Certain boating, camping, fishing, swimming pool, sports and outdoor supplies would also be exempt.

After extending the back-to-school tax exemption and disaster preparedness tax exemption to 10 days, the Chamber is now offering 14-day holidays.

The back-to-school sales tax holiday would run from July 25 to August 7, and the acceptable value of several items would also increase. Acceptable prices would range from $60 to $100 for school clothes, $15 to $50 for school supplies, and $1,000 to $1,500 for computers. A new category for learning aids and puzzles worth up to $30 would also be added.

“Working parents desperately needed it,” the Tampa Democratic Rep. said. Diane Hart said extended vacation.

The disaster preparedness holiday, from May 28 to June 10, would include additional items such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. At the request of a Girl Scout troop from Clearwater, the house also included pet supplies like kennels and leashes.

Below is the proposed list of tax exempt skilled trades items:

— Tool boxes for vehicles sold for $300 or less.

Power tools sold for $250 or less.

Power tool batteries sold for $150 or less.

— Industry manuals and code manuals sold for $125 or less.

— Work boots selling for $120 or less.

— Electrical voltage and test equipment sold for $100 or less.

— Portable pipe cutters, drain opening tools and plumbing inspection equipment sold for $100 or less.

— Tool boxes sold for $75 or less.

— Hand tools, coveralls, tool belts, duffel/tote bags, LED flashlights and shop lights sold for $50 or less.

— Work gloves and safety glasses sold for $25 or less.

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