Have fun … King’s Lynn exhibit celebrates mushrooms

GroundWork Gallery in Lynn, will present a year-end exhibition from Friday October 22 to Saturday December 18.

Entitled Nature’s Mysterious Networks, it comes at the right time for the fall season.

It explores and celebrates fungi, mycelia and yeasts, some of nature’s most mysterious growths.

Detail of Chris Drury (51947653)

The exhibition is spectacular, dominated by the magnificent floor-to-ceiling mushroom installations and wall drawings by Chris Drury, and it is also experimental. Alongside Chris, five female artists bring a whole host of innovations, experiments with growing crops and remarkable results from fungal investigations.

The exhibition shows how fascinating, evocative and useful fungi and mycelia are.

Mushrooms have very contrasting characteristics, as they can be delicious to eat and powerful sources of life for the earth, but also the death knell for plants and vulnerable people.

Myka Baum (51947665)
Myka Baum (51947665)

The aim of this exhibition is to encourage the public to better appreciate the whole world of aerial and underground fungi, and the deep connections they share with the environment.

A number of artists are involved in the Lynn exhibition.

Internationally renowned environmental artist Chris Drury brings his fresh perspective with his dramatic installations of mushrooms, including hallucinogenic psylocybins.

Myka Baum (51947673)
Myka Baum (51947673)

The connections hidden in nature become the main focus of his work, drawing on his in-depth knowledge. Chris Drury said, “Mushrooms can feed you, kill you or heal you. They are nature’s great recyclers ”

Painter and biologist Alexandra Steiner paints a world of iridescent shapes and patterns, revealing mysterious and hidden aspects of fungi and plants.

Her fascination with micro macrocosmic worlds led her to find and perfect a multi-layered way of painting it.

Rachel Kritchlew Urban Fungarium (51947686)
Rachel Kritchlew Urban Fungarium (51947686)

She said: “Life as we know it, we as we are, simply wouldn’t exist without mushrooms.”

Artist Myka Baum has varied backgrounds and interests, but her main focus is nature and its many forms. His work revolves around the concept of growth and decomposition, ultimately this research ends with nature becoming an image. With specific tools, she is able to record the microbiology on the photographic surface.

Artist, curator, performer and disability culture activist, Moira Williams is based in New York and prefers to be described as a disabled or eco-capable person.

Alison Counsell Lichenas Symbiose # 2 (51947689)
Alison Counsell Lichenas Symbiose # 2 (51947689)

His Lawnshrooming project is an impressive collection of opinions, stories and images about mushrooms. Moira often draws inspiration from her grandparents’ diaries on mushrooms, which she takes with her to remember her roots.

Alison Counsell is a metallurgist, jeweler and sculptor who lives on the outskirts of Sheffield.

Meditative walks are her way of getting inspired, her imagination often gets tangled up in the micro world that she calls a smaller natural universe.

The deep connection between tree bark and fungi is the main focus of his detailed and meticulous work.

Endlessly experimental, Rachel Horton-Kitchlew is a myco – material researcher, artist and harpist. His work focuses on sustainable alternative materials, the circular material system and the broadening of appreciation and knowledge of fungi in the urban and natural environment. Urban Fungarium, his online research project, is a collection of his experiences and connections with others.

The Purfleet Street gallery will be open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There will be an online opening with Assembly Online, in collaboration with Assembly House Trust, Norwich, on October 28 at 7:30 p.m.

You will find more information on the GroundWork program here

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