Gamble Ramble: Raiders Week 1 locks

Looking to make things a little more interesting on Monday nights? Here are the smartest, safest and riskiest bets of the week for the Las Vegas Raiders. All lines go through Draft Kings from Saturday morning.

Smartest bet: Moneyline Raiders (+175)

With all the recent injuries the Ravens have suffered, this line has become a little less juicy. However, it also makes this bet a bit safer. I would have said this game was a toss-up, slightly in favor of Baltimore. Now I’m honestly surprised Las Vegas isn’t the favorite. Also, I like the Moneyline much more than propagation. If the Raiders lose, it will likely be due to a colossal collapse, leading to a blowout.

Safest bet: 1st half-gap Raiders +3 (-105)

This bet is a slam dunk. Free money. You have a Gruden team in week 1 against a somewhat hampered Ravens team. A quick start to Las Vegas is pretty much guaranteed. The only way for them to lose more than one field at halftime is if something happens to Derek Carr. The return on investment is not great, but we are talking about safety here.

Risky bet: 1st Drive Field Goal (+500)

The odds on this are fantastic. If the Raiders start with the ball, there’s a good chance they’ll get points. We all know how difficult it was last year to finish training. A field goal to start the game makes a lot of sense.

On the other hand, Baltimore’s offensive is going to be limited. That being said, the Raiders’ defense, while improved, is unlikely to be great. Additionally, Gus Bradley’s defense is designed to bend but not break. The Ravens could easily start with a basket.

Both teams seem likely to start with a field goal. Plus, Daniel Carlson and Justin Tucker are both reliable kickers. With a rating of +500, it’s worth putting in a few dollars.

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