Even experienced stoners can get lost in today’s vaporizer options. Here are the best of the best.

Nowadays, there are an overwhelming number of ways to vape.

Yes, there are ubiquitous stacks of oil pens that every concentrate lover has received as a free dispensary loot piece, but there are also premium, limited edition vape stacks with style and personality. that are unique to them. There are portable flower vaporizers that cost hundreds of dollars and perform multiple functions, and one-shot dry herb vaporizers available for a fraction of the price. There are sleek, refillable platforms that go stylishly with contemporary countertop technology at a number of price points, and there are thin straws that are so inconspicuous that users can slip them into their pencil holders without any fanfare. .

The options can overwhelm even an accomplished pro, let alone a beginner who has never smoked a volcano. With that in mind, we tested a variety of oil, flower and concentrate vaporizers at different price points so that we could recommend this amazing assortment of devices just in time for users to improve their summer vape game.

For the low-maintenance Spartan smoker: KandyPen Slim ($ 20)

Instead of keeping a collection of stacks of free pens to pick up dust in your storage box until they end up in the bottom of a trash can, why not ditch the budget giveaways and invest in a vape pen from high quality with lifetime warranty? KandyPens has a full line of vaporizers, but the slim pens are arguably its best value. These functionally decorative batteries operate by pulling only, no buttons or preheating required, and while they lack temperature controls, the heating element provides a consistent kick regardless of the cart. Bonus: They are available in enough colors and styles to match a wide range of vape aesthetics.

For connoisseurs of contemporary varieties: Pax Era Life ($ 35)

This sleek version of Pax’s Era Pro might not offer all of the app features of its predecessor, but its drastic simplicity makes up for all the free bells and whistles it lacks. Pax only partners with the best rated farms for its exclusive oil pods, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The Pax Era Life works with three separate heat settings that can be cycled through by moving the Pax cart in and out of its case. The device is activated by inhalation and charges with a micro USB. Pro tip: If you take yours to an Oregrown store, they’ll laser engrave it for you for free.

For the lone smoker on a budget: G Pen Dash ($ 70)

Of all the devices tested, the G Pen Dash could take top honors. Not only is this device discreet, ergonomic and easy to use, it is an absolute godsend. Typically, even portable flower vaporizers start at over $ 100. That this charming and compact instrument costs less than half an ounce of premium and still delivers silky smooth hits is remarkable. Despite a convoluted button routine requiring users to press five times to start, and three more to lock out one of three low temperatures, and a heating chamber that holds less than a gram, this unit the size of a palm is a must have for anyone who feels expensive in the flower vaporizer market and also likes to have a whole bowl for themselves.

For the Tech Evangelist / Stoner Showoff: Airvape X ($ 140)

This premium portable vaporizer features a 1.3-inch screen that lights up to indicate battery life, precise temperature, and an adjustable auto shut-off timer. The Airvape X is a lightweight, ultra-thin dry herb vaporizer that also comes with a tampon insert so that the device can be used with concentrates, but the appeal of this device lies almost entirely in the efficiency with which it vaporizes ground flowers. Airvape X’s temperature scale is free to adjust between 200 and 428 degrees, so smokers can find the precise level of toast they prefer and stick to that exact temperature, without fumbling with dials or compromise a preset temperature. This not only ensures a consistent hit, but allows users to explore exactly the taste of a perfect hit for them.

For the defector Puffco: G Pen Roam ($ 200)

Most standard electronics platforms cost over $ 250, but for a few dollars less, users can get a portable electronics platform experience that is just as debilitating. When we tested the Roam, for example, we found it to be just as effective and easy to use as its more expensive counterparts. Added bonus: it’s splash-proof. The Roam is essentially an electric water pipe with a self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube that closes to prevent splashing. Its quartz case heats up quickly, retains heat evenly and offers ultra-gentle inspirations. Its tabletop appeal is heightened by the handful of colorful, limited-edition variants of the device, with 1% of proceeds going to a specific, color-coded charity.

For the Flashy Flower Power Dabber: Dr. Dabber Boost Evo ($ 400)

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is extraordinary for several reasons. It delivers 150 shots on a single charge, with 25 separate heat settings, some preset for peak flavor, others for peak effects. It gets up to temperature in about four seconds, and with the flip of the switch it goes from the oil rig to the flower vaporizer. Inside these 25 separate heat presets are temperatures chosen for ultra-rich oils or super-dense flowers. In addition, the patent pending induction heating technology is completely isolated from the electronics of the device. According to the company, users could pour water directly into the heating element (not that we would – on purpose, anyway) and the water would simply boil. The vibe of the Boost Evo is that it was designed by geeks for geeks. And as a certified geek myself, I think they’ve done it.

For the On-the-Go Dabber: Little Dipper Vaporizer ($ 30)

Before dabs became a ubiquitous drinking method, they were relegated to industry insiders who used glass straws to inhale vapor from heated concentrates on titanium plates or, in a more recent iteration, glass straws. glass with the tips heated with a torch. The spirit of that act, minus the freebase sensibilities, is present in Dip Devices’ Little Dipper, a modern, electric take on the classic dabbing tradition that drops the torch for a triple-tuned mobile hit that easily slips into a back pocket. The Little Dipper has the appearance of a bulky vape pen with a mouthpiece on one end and a vaporizer nozzle on the other. The tip is protected by a cap that comes off like an ink pen. Users then press a button on the housing to power the spray tip during use and, while passing the tip around a container of concentrate, simply suck the vapor out of the mouthpiece. It’s a simple, affordable, efficient, and clean method of mobile dabbing that’s so much more socially acceptable than its predecessor.

For the no-obligation pothead: Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Dab Straw Kit ($ 60)

Engaging in any more than negligible cost device can be a feat, but the Lookah Seahorse is the all-in-one stoner tool that quells any fear of engagement by performing the functions of a dabbing straw. , a bong accessory and even a standard vape pen battery. Users can easily attach the device to their water lines to create an instant e-rig using an included mounting hose, and the unit also works with all 510 thread vape carts. days. It might be small enough to fit in a pocket, but the cases are flamboyant enough to grab attention, and with multiple temperature settings, users can explore the flavors and effects of different temperatures.

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