Dorset Police Praise

After years of austerity, it’s no surprise that the police are a little thin on the ground, but they still continue to provide good service when they can.

A few weeks ago my husband made his daily call to a fragile friend of ours and, having had no response to four attempts to contact him, he went with our caregiver to check on his house.

When they arrived they found the house completely closed but could see our friend lying on the ground. As they were considering what to do next, a police car drove down the hill and the carer caught his eye.

The car stopped and three officers jumped out and one checked the front door, calling a locksmith to avoid damaging the door, another checked the neighbor’s key and the third walked around the back of the house and was able to reassure our friend who helps was on his way and called an ambulance.

My husband and caregiver came home at that time. The locksmith arrived, the ambulance arrived and by the time our friend was taken to hospital a new lock had been fitted and he was given the new keys to take with him.

Later, one of the gendarmes called my husband to inform him where our friend had been taken and contacted his son.

We were so impressed with the speed and efficiency of the operation that I felt the need to write to you.

Kay clergyman


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