Could the high cost of Disney World be holding the average American family up? Duh! Hell yeah!! | LOOK

*Generations of American families have gone religiously Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but that could change, thanks to sky-high costs for admission, accommodation, and even expenses inside the park. Many visitors are now wondering if a Disney vacation is really for the average American family or just for the wealthy.

A family of four from NJ recently took a trip to Disney World and were shocked at how much they had to spend on their visit. Speaking to Fox News Digital, the family said there are changes to the park, so it’s not what it used to be. For example, there is no longer the Magical Express which served as a courtesy shuttle. To deal with this new reality, the family shelled out $200 for private transportation to and from the airport.

During the five days they participated, they spent $2,550 on park tickets. They spent $3,780 on accommodations for the four nights inside the resort. This is for the parents and the two children. Inside the park, they spent $300 on a Genie plus pass for their entire trip to skip the lines so they didn’t waste a lot of time waiting for the rides. They also spent $950 on a sit-down meal. For snacks and souvenirs another $700 was spent. In summary, the vacation gobbled up $8,480 before including airfare, which cost around $1,600.

“I feel like Disney is charging people, can the average working American family really afford that?” the mother said in remarks to FOX Business. “I’ve been coming to Disney since I was six years old. I’m 39 now. My kids thought Disney was magical and so for me the cost was worth it, but I see it’s not the same Disney it was.

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According to Jason Cochran, editor of the travel site Frommer’s, guests complaining about Disney World don’t believe it when they say the park isn’t what it used to be. He says he’s been visiting Disney World since 1972 and has written Frommer’s guide to Disney World, Universal and Orlando since 2006.

That’s why his point has to hold when he says that even diehard Disney World fans are now starting to think twice about going there, given the ever-increasing prices, inferior experiences expectations and difficulty navigating a visit.

“Disney has not publicly, but very seemingly privately, made the decision to woo customers who are spending more per day than customers were previously spending,” Cochran told FOX Business. “To do this, it has done a number of things both to maximize the profits it makes on a day-to-day basis and to increase access prices for customers.”

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