Connor McDavid: Inside the Modern Cozy All-Star Hockey House

Connor McDavid is the best hockey player in the world, with more accolades than you can get: first overall pick in the 2015 National Hockey League Draft, youngest team captain in hockey history. NHL, a three-time league leader in points and two-time Most Valuable Player award winner, to name a few. But there is one fact that McDavid just wants to make sure you are aware of: “We live in Edmonton, Alta., Which for the folks. [who] I don’t know, it’s a very cold place.

When you spend your days in the subzero temperatures of the Canadian winter and work in an adrenaline-fueled job on patches of ice, having a home that can act as a respite is essential. The three story house that McDavid and his girlfriend Lauren Kyle had Two Group Design build makes room for the bundled comfort with their special emphasis on cooling time – pun intended. It also honors their shared modern aesthetic in large part thanks to Kyle, who led the project in his capacity as interior designer. (She runs her own business, Kyle and Co Design Studio.)

The couple got serious about finding a home after McDavid got a nine-figure, eight-year contract from the Oilers in 2017. But after finding nothing on the market that matched their vision, they decided to build a custom house among the evergreen trees. not far from the North Saskatchewan River valley.

When it came time to review the final architectural plans, McDavid and Kyle decided to make a major addition: on the basement level, next to the lavish living room and bar, they ordered what they call ” the sports field ‘runs where most afternoons you will find McDavid rollerblading and working out his hockey skills) as well as a home gym. In 2019, they (with their new Bernedoodle, Lenard) were ready to move in.

Today, it’s clear that the downstairs open plan is one of McDavid and Kyle’s favorite attributes of the house. McDavid wanted their home to be an inclusive center for all teammates, family and friends who visited (McDavid and Kyle are both from the Toronto area), with few walls between them. “Connor being the captain, we knew we were going to have to host a lot of things,” Kyle said. “This house definitely feels like an artist’s house.” McDavid should agree. “I think our house has sort of become the designated team’s party house,” the hockey star adds with a chuckle.

Social functions aside, the zone also suits Kyle’s sense of personal style. “It’s a very elegant house, with a lot of clean lines,” she says. “[T]there aren’t a ton of ornate details. It’s very contemporary and at the same time has a bit of a traditional influence.

So what exactly does this ground floor include? A kitchen with a large veined marble island, which opens onto a large patio, to start. There is also an adjacent dining room, anchored by its monumental HR table and chairs Henge, an Italian brand specializing in hand burnished metals. The black-white-gray palette continues to give way to more earthy tones in the living room, where four panels of green patina from a local metalworker Forge 53 overhang the brown U-shaped sofa Timothy Oulton which can accommodate up to 30 people.

“For us during the season it can be a pretty busy schedule, and we don’t have a ton of downtime,” says McDavid, who loves to flop this epic sectional. (“It’s such a beautiful, big, comfy sofa,” he says.) The living room’s metal panels slide back to reveal the television McDavid enjoys watching during his fleeting lounging moments. In fact, the house is filled with TVs in unexpected places: there’s one inside the foot of the main bed, which was made by a local carpenter, and another that runs down a fireplace in the living room. upstairs.

“I like that everything is hidden,” Kyle says. “Even our bar, we have this sliding brass door [it]. We really wanted to keep everything clean, but then to have a little bit of intrigue. Like, what’s behind it? “

Then there is what is outside, on the terrace which surrounds much of the upper floor, including the master bedroom. The bridge offers a panoramic view of the river valley below. There is also a two-person sauna whose screens can be closed to block the wind. For one of the fastest men on skates and his partner, it’s places like these where life begins to slow down. As McDavid says, “It’s a long, cold winter here, so any chance you get the chance to be outside certainly helps.

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