Chicago Electric Scooter? They could come back soon

Chicago (WLS) – Electric scooters can return to Chicago.

The safety concerns were resolved after two pilot programs, and a city council wants them to come to Chicago forever. New technologies can help.

A single beep from the scooter can move more scooters away from the curb. This is an important standard for city councilors.

“Based on the use of our technology to allow the operator to detect when the rider is moving from the street to the sidewalk, the scooter can be slowed down or stopped within a second of the action. “Explains Alex Nesic. From Drover AI.

The company works with the Spin scooter company, which competes to participate in Chicago’s permanent scooter program. I am using a scooter camera to detect that the biker is on the sidewalk. Scooter technicians start beeping when they are on the sidewalk. The city can decide to slow down or stop the scooter.

Spin and other scooter companies don’t just use GPS technology to keep scooters off the curb.

The second rider in 2020 locked the scooter down using GPS as well as city rules in hopes of reducing complaints. During the first pilot, Team I found scooters and scooters abandoned in the city.

“One of the reasons for the 75% reduction in complaints from first rider to second rider was the incorporation of locks into the technology, which allows users to lock their scooters with a bike rack or lamppost after travel. It had to be, you know, we took the data and feedback that the community gave us at the end of the second pilot, and they used the streetlights. It was a big problem that we wanted to solve, and we widened our investment, ”says Frankspeak of Lime Scooter.

Lime says he uses “patent-pending vibration analysis” to determine if anyone is on the sidewalk.

The scooter company Bird says it uses global tracking chips and sensor-based technology that can provide precise tracking on the sidewalk.

“I think it’s necessary downtown,” said Alderman Howard Brookins Jr., 21st District.

He continuously introduced scooters to the city and introduced ordinances to extend the program not only to the neighborhood but also to the downtown core.

“The core business sector requires the use of various forms of alternative transportation. It is difficult to move around because there are a lot of people. People lose productivity because they walk or wait for Uber. “I go.” He said. ..

Brukins also said scooters can help consumers save on rising carpooling costs. He hopes that at least a few scooter companies will be part of an expanded program in almost all regions.

He is still expected to oppose the permanent scooter program for safety reasons. You won’t see scooters on the streets until spring 2022, as it will take some time to start even if the ordinance passes.

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