Boc ‘n’ Roll and WORX Nitro 80V Brushless Backpack Leaf Blower

WORX Brushless Backpack Leaf Blower

What do we like: A cordless leaf blower with a removable power pack called Base Camp, which contains four 20V 5.0Ah Power Share PRO batteries. Because it’s battery operated, it’s quieter and lighter than gas-powered backpack blowers.

What does it do: The blower, powered by a brushless electric motor, features a variable air-control nozzle. Use in volume mode to move lots of sheets. High-speed mode focuses airflow to remove stuck or wet leaves and turbo mode for stubborn debris. Those with large yards will appreciate the 3.5 hour run time on a single charge and the adjustable padded shoulder straps. The backpack leaf blower comes with four 20V Power Share PRO batteries, Base Camp and a 5-hour 4-port charger is backed by a five-year limited warranty. It sells for $699. Visit for more information.

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Boc ‘n’ Roll Sandwich Wraps

What do we like: Save money and the environment by using the washable and reusable packaging.

What does it do: Envelopes are 13.9 by 19 inches with polyester fabric on the outside and thermoplastic polyurethane on the inside. Two long hook-and-loop straps keep the scarf closed. When folded, it measures 5.5 by 5.9 inches, but the strap is long enough to fit bun-style sandwiches or a six-inch sub. The wrappers, which come in at least 16 different fun patterns and colors, are made by Roll’ Eat, which also makes reusable snack bags. The wraps sell for $10.99. Visit for more information.

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