As of today, DC law requires all drivers to lock scooters – Lime’s response to “Gen4 Scooter with Lock-To Technology”

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“Lime is launching its industry-leading Gen4 electric scooter in the district this week, making Washington DC one of the first cities in North America to have a full fleet of the new model. The Gen4 Scooter will provide DC riders with the safest, smoothest, and most environmentally friendly shared scooter ride available. The new Gen4 scooters will also be equipped with locking technology in order to comply with new regulations which require scooters to be locked onto bicycle racks, parking signs or stop signs, or left in bicycle and scooter corrals on the street.

“Working with the city to implement the lockdown in the district gives us the opportunity to upgrade our entire scooter fleet to our new, industry-leading Gen4 model. These new scooters will be a game-changer for residents and visitors to DC, providing an even smoother, safer and more durable ride. As we move to a lockdown system, we are encouraging the district to expand important pieces of safe street infrastructure like bike racks and parking corrals. We hope the City views our multi-million dollar investment in upgraded hardware and locking technology as a sign of our deep commitment to the district, where we have been operating for over three years. Ideally, this will lead to a stronger partnership between the city and the micromobility industry, leading to more innovation and improved service for all DC residents going forward, ”said Robert Gardner, director of government relations at Lime.


The goal of the Gen4 Scooter is to provide the smoothest, safest, and most durable Lime scooter ride in our history. The highlights of the new vehicle model include:

Tilted handlebars, a first for shared electric scooters and reminiscent of bicycle handles, allowing a more comfortable grip.

Double handbrake system to slow down and stop more easily and more immediately when needed.

Lowered plinth to optimize the scooter center of gravity and facilitate getting on and off.

New two-legged kickstand to prevent scooters from tipping over when parked, which can help reduce clutter on sidewalks.

Improved suspension and bigger wheels mean a smoother ride over cracks, bumpy pavement and whatever the cityscape has to offer.

Most important of all is the addition of a replaceable battery, which will further increase the efficiency of our operations and further reduce carbon emissions from scooter riding. “

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