A collaboration between KAWS and Reese’s Puffs is underway

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The widely revered artistic styles of KAWS are now thriving in the unique and versatile world of delicious breakfast option.

As you might have seen on Reddit over the last few days, especially in the KAWS-focused realm. subreddit, some eagle-eyed fans were able to score boxes of KAWS-ified Reese’s Sprouts at their large local grocery store. Reddit user Locksmith-Glum shared a photo front and back of a clearly KAWS box of peanut butter-slash-chocolate cereal, claiming they bought it from Walmart.

In the following comments, another KAWS enthusiast claimed to have learned that Target had the boxes on hand as well, but not yet in the sales area. Below, see the aforementioned Reddit shared photos:

Meanwhile, an associated site of General Mills (i.e. the manufacturer behind Reese’s Puffs) has been spotted and shared in recent days by a number of detectives. This site, however, was not live at the time of this writing. Another site showcases a KAWS PUFFS logo against a background of individual pieces of deliciously unhealthy cereal, accompanied by a message that the drop is scheduled for November 8.

Also of note with regard to the second site is the mention related to the production of Acute Art, with which KAWS has collaborated in the past on augmented reality experiences.

“It can be difficult to keep exciting news a secret and we love to see that there is already buzz around our REESE’S PUFFS collaboration with KAWS,” said Mindy Murray, senior director of brand experience at General Mills. , to Complex in a statement. “We look forward to sharing all the details with our fans soon. Stay tuned!”

Of course, that wouldn’t mark the Reese’s Puffs team’s first cross-media collaboration. Previously, Travis Scott, whose affinity for the art of collaboration is well documented, has partnered with the cereal brand. Lil yachty a too collaborated with the artisans of the breakfast.

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