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Like Neo watching a black cat go by twice, there are moments throughout Matrix resurrections when fans of the film series say, “Deja vu. “The fourth part of the Matrix The franchise is packed with callbacks and references to the original film trilogy as well as other Wachowski projects such as the cult sci-fi series Sens8.

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For a film series devoted to “waking up” and discovering new truths, there is much to read as Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) once again finds himself questioning reality, the illusion of choice and meaning of her connection to Trinity (Carrie-Anne Mousse). Take the red pill and find out about these Matrix resurrections details that everyone missed the first time around.


Smith’s bust

While many fans already suspected that Jonathan Groff’s character was the seventh iteration of Agent Smith’s Matrix, reused in the body of Thomas Anderson’s business partner and head of Deus Machina, there were clues around his desk. to confirm it. Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted the “super punch” that can be seen when he quotes Agent Smith while looking out the window.

The superpunch bust actually exists, and was created with the same 3D renderings that were used for the famous “superpunch” scene that occurred during the climactic fight between Neo and Smith in Matrix revolutions. This piece of bandage is not just a fascinating piece of Matrix story is also another way the film makes fans question their own reality.

The John Wick Connection

Chad Stahelski, Matrix trilogy stuntman and John Wick director as Handsome Chad in Matrix: Resurrections

Keanu Reeves stars in both Matrix franchise and the very popular John wick franchise, but that’s not the only connection the film series shares. Play the role of Handsome Chad in Matrix resurrections is Chad Stahelski, who was Reeves’ stuntman in the original trilogy as well as the director of John wick movies.

Stahelski making an appearance in the film is not only a way of honoring his contribution to the franchise – stuntmen are often overlooked because they are not easily recognized – but also a funny commentary in the simulation. Even in The Matrix, Trinity (like Tiffany) always chose someone like Neo.

Anderson’s bar

Anderson's bar in The Matrix: Resurrections

It makes sense that there are allusions to Thomas Anderson in the modal Bugs explores, drawn to bits of old code he used for his game engine at Deus Machina. When discovered by agents, she is forced to flee through the roof, only to crash into the street below when the agents pursue her.

Before touching the sidewalk, she can be seen sliding along a long neon sign for a bar called “Anderson’s”. It makes sense that Mr. Anderson put his own stamp on his modal, something that wasn’t there when Trinity was part of the same streak that opened up. The matrix.

The importance of steak

Split image of Cypher enjoying a steak in The Matrix next to Thomas Anderson doing the same in The Matrix: Resurrections

In an effort to numb his dissociation from reality, Thomas Anderson continues to take blue pills and engage in activities that will prevent him from discovering the truth about the Matrix. In one case, he can be seen eating a steak with an invisible dinner companion, a brief scene that has some meaning.

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In The matrix, Cypher makes a deal with Agent Smith over a fancy steak dinner, agreeing to relinquish the one person who knows Zion’s mainframe access codes in order to be reinstated in the Matrix by as “someone important”. Therefore, the steak dinner symbolizes the ignorant happiness of a person who does not want to “wake up” from the docile comfort provided by the simulation.

A door holds the key

Bugs looking out of the locksmith window in The Matrix: Resurrections

Bugs escapes the agents at the start of the film by hiding in a locksmith. As she looks out the window, rows and rows of various keys can be seen hanging beside her head. It is in this shop that she discovers a door which leads to apartment 101, the former residence of Thomas Anderson before he discovers that he was the chosen one.

Longtime fans of the Original Trilogy will know the Keys are a reference to The Keymaker who, before Matrix resurrections, was the only program that could create portals allowing people like Neo to travel quickly from one destination / construction to another. It’s no coincidence that this particular store contains the gateway to a completely different location in the modal (and, by extension, the Matrix simulation).

Connection to Sense8

Lexy (Erendira Ibarra), Berg (Brian J. Smith) and Shepherd (Max Riemelt), cast from The Matrix: Resurrections who were also in Sense8

In many ways, Matrix resurrections is a reunion for the cast of Sens8, starting with operator Sequoia, played by Toby Onwumere, who joined Sense8 second season as Capheus Onyango. There’s also Berg, played by Brian J. Smith, who appeared on the series as Chicago Police Officer Will Gorski. Eréndira Ibarra, who played Daniela Velázquez, is there too, in the role of Lexy. Max Riemelt, who played Wolfgang Bogdanow, appears as a shepherd. Mumbi Maina, who was Capheus’ love interest Zakia Asalache, plays Ellster. And Quillion, who Sens8 Fans will recognize that Wolfgang’s best friend Felix Berner is played by Max Mauff.

Finally, Freema Agyeman and Purab Kohli are both part of Thomas Anderson’s development team at Deus Machina. Agyeman played Amanita Caplan, one of the most hated supporting characters in Sens8, and Kohli was Rajan Rasal on the show. The series, which stars eight people interconnected by thoughts and emotions, lines up well with a film about choosing freedom over control and love over logic.

Reflections of time

Reflections of Old Neo and Old Trinity in Matrix Resurrections

Only 20 years have passed for Thomas Anderson in the Matrix simulation, but 60 years have passed in the real world outside of it. This is hinted at when Thomas takes a blue pill in his bathroom and the mirror reveals an old man swallowing it. Later, when Thomas and Tiffany share a conversation for the second time at Simulatte, she takes a phone call and he sees an older woman when her reflection appears on the surface of their table.

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These are some of the first not-so-subtle clues that not only are the two related, but they’ve also aged disproportionately to who they existed for each other in the real world when their love could be consumed. and celebrated.

The root of all evil

Root of all Evil movie with Lito Rodriguez from The Matrix: Resurrections

Several flashing Easter Eggs and You Will Miss It appear at the start of the film, indicating how determined Lana Wachowski and her creative team were from the start. When Bugs and Morpheus step out of a movie theater, keen-eyed fans will notice that the marquee is titled “Root of All Evil,” starring Lito Rodriguez.

For Wachowski fans, this is a direct link to Sens8 and a beloved character who on the show was an avid actor known to appear in titles as dramatic as himself. (Others include “The Price of Life is Death,” “Sinner’s Passion,” and “The Devil Dies at Dawn.”) Lito’s transition to Hollywood after his public release was l ‘one of the many scenarios Sens8 that was never resolved, So it’s nice to know that his character is having some success.

The Merovingian rant

La Mérovingienne (Lambert Wilson) appearing in rags in The Matrix: Resurrections

While the Merovingian could have been one of the original’s best villains Matrix trilogy, he’s no longer a suave crime boss smuggling information in the fourth installment. He’s still a program in exile, but rather than escape Home by dining at La Vrai, he hides in an abandoned building with his henchmen, blaming Neo for the loss of his power and influence.

Listening to the Frenchman’s speech, fans will be able to discern that not only is he blaming Neo for his current status, but Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and social media for the decline in art, culture and reading. It is not quite his discourse on “causality”, but it remains premonitory and topical.

Infinite loops

Infinity curls near Smith and in Lexy's hair in The Matrix: Resurrections

The title of Matrix resurrections and its plot points to a recurring loop in which characters and events unfold as they always have, in different iterations, just like the Matrix simulation itself. Nothing and no one ever really left, just reloaded, restructured, renamed and restarted.

To further hammer home the concept of infinity (and perhaps as another nod to Sens8), several infinity symbols can be seen throughout the film, most notably as part of Lexy’s hairstyle when Smith confronts Neo.

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