Payday loan online instant -No obligation, just Request a cash payday loan online

Easy and fast money, for whatever you need. That is the solution that CashMan offers you and which thousands and thousands of Mexicans have already turned to. Our online loans are an alternative to the difficulties and the delay that prevails in the traditional financing of banks and traditional lenders. Take note of our services and start enjoying our advantages today.

No obligation, just Request a cash payday loan online 

Easy money: goodbye to the hard demands

We talk about easy money because CashMan simplifies the procedures and eliminates the harsh demands of other lenders. Once you have chosen your amount and your term through the selectors on this page, we will take you to an online payday loan form that you must complete. It is a simple step where you will indicate your personal data and your employment situation. You can do everything from home or from your cell phone, without complicated bureaucracy. The other good news is that the requirements to enjoy credit in CashMan are very basic. In fact, we give a second chance to those users who have an economic history with debts. The only necessary conditions to aspire to our financing is: to be of legal age, to have an IFE, to have a debit account and to have a minimum income to meet the payment.

Quick money: the wait is over

Quick money: the wait is over

On the other hand, we talk about fast money because you don’t have to wait days or weeks to enjoy a loan. With CashMan, all the steps are much more agile. First, the request: in a few minutes you will have completed all the fields. And secondly, the answer to the request: thanks to our automatic system, in a minute we will communicate a decision. Regarding the sending of money, CashMan will do it at the same time of accepting your request, although the reception of the money may be delayed for reasons beyond our company. For example, for being out of the SPEI (Interbank Electronic Payment System) schedule. We remind you that our quick and easy money has the following conditions:

  • Amount to be granted: between $ 1,000 pesos and $ 12,000 pesos, depending on the level of use of each client.
  • Payment term: between 7 days and 30 days, also according to the user level